While the country prepares to bask in a wave of glorious sunshine this coming week, the great weather might not be as exciting for online business owners who may be fearful that sales may fall victim to the glorious weather. This weekend especially would have seen less people surfing the web for deals with temperatures soaring to nearly 30 degrees and Murraymania gripping the nation. The nation may have been glued to TV screens in order to witness Andy Murray becoming the first Brit to win a Wimbeldon title after 77 barren years, but it’s not all doom and gloom for online businesses.


A champion in every sense of the word

Our main recommendation would be is to remind your audience that they have a smartphone. Whether this be through your website, company app, or Facebook page, a small notification to remind customers that they can make quick purchases over their phone might counter the problems which may arise should nobody be indoors on their laptop. Amazon and eBay offer an app available to all smartphone systems where goods can be purchased easily and paid for without hassle. In situations where a customer is searching for an item over their mobile app, we can help you place your listing at the top of the ranking through use of our dynamic pricing feature.

Our final piece of advice would be to target customers at later hours in the day once the sun is down. Why share a Facebook post or run an online advertisement during the brightest hours of the day when the likelihood is that most of your customers won’t be online until they’ve finished their barbecue or sunbathing? At the end of the day, you can always rely on the British weather to take a turn for the worst in no time at all, so on that note I hope you all make the most of the weather and enjoy basking in the glory of Andy Murray’s victory!

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