E-commerce is becoming increasingly important for most retail companies, especially due to the decline of the high street market and changing consumer habits. However, experience and knowledge of e-commerce varies between each person and it can be dangerous to rush into the world of internet shopping without knowing what you’re doing. Being involved in e-commerce is very important, but knowing how to operate in the correct manner is vital.

While selling on multiple marketplaces can open doors to new customers and increase revenue from online sales, there is always the risk of overselling (or underselling), failing to price your items at a competitive yet profitable rate, and complications signing up to new marketplaces, each with an independent set of trading rules for sellers. For some this is routine, yet for others this is mind boggling and could even deter people from going online. Seller Dynamics recongises that not everyone’s going to be an expert in e-commerce, and that’s why we’ve created our Quality Listing Management service.

As an add-on to our marketplace management software, we’ll upload your items to marketplaces, make sure your listings are crafted to encourage high conversion rates, and pass on some of our marketplace wisdom so in no time at all you’ll be an expert at online selling. Quality Listing Management isn’t exclusive to new clients either. Existing clients who may want to free up some time or who simply just want us to look over their live listings can use this service as well.

For more information about Quality Listing Management or Seller Dynamics in general, give us a shout on +44 (0)1786 430 076 or email us at info@sellerdynamics.com

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