Tamebay E-commerce tournament: -6 days

Monday night saw the Seller Dynamics team make the short trip to Stirling’s Forthbank Stadium for some essential pre-tournament practice. Surprisingly enough temperatures in this area of the world were in the high 20s and while summer in Scotland is usually my favourite day of the year, playing a game of 5-a-sides in hot and humid conditions did little to help our preparations.

With our team consisting dodgy knees, damaged ankles, and guys who are more accustomed to playing FIFA than playing football, our performance most certainly lacked the free-flowing grace of Barcelona and swashbuckling directness of Bayern Munich.

Taking positives from the occasion, we cannot play as badly as we played on Monday and it will also be a great surprise if we are faced with the same hot and humid conditions during the tournament. It’s also promising that no matter how badly we fare we’ll still be less of an embarrassment to the nation than the Scottish national team. There’ll be no promises of flair, skill, and it’s more probably that it’ll be more “Messy” than “Messi.”

What we lack in ability we’ll make up with heart, fight and a smart rotation policy to rest any tiring legs! A second practice game is booked tomorrow night and then it’ll be the real deal on Tuesday. We’re really looking forward to it and win, lose, or draw, there is no doubt that it’ll be a great experience to play football next to Wembley and meet our fellow e-commerce workers from all across the nation.

even the best of us struggle for match fitness

Seller Dynamics

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