This week Seller Dynamics explores the Chinese market and has a look at how e-commerce has boomed in the Far East.  We’ve been fortunate enough to obtain another nice infographic courtesy of GetElastic so this should open your eyes a bit to what’s going on overseas. While we’re not operating in China ourselves however, we can always do our part to list you on a European marketplace after we give you a quick demo of what we do.

Should global e-commerce continue to grow at the rate we’ve become accustomed to over the past decade, 2013 will be the year that e-commerce in China exceeds that in the USA. According to experts at the Alibaba Group – parent company of China’s most popular marketplace China will become the world’s number 1 e-commerce nation by the end of the year, generating approximately $265 billion in sales. This would see a staggering 36.6% increase in the e-commerce sector on the previous year! The Chinese B2C e-commerce market is currently dominated by Tmall, Taobao and 360Buy. While Amazon does have a presence in China, its market share only stands at 2% compared to Tmall leading the way with a 44% market share – a stark difference between the company’s dominance in the European and North American markets.  The fact that the Chinese marketplaces are able to generate up to $3 billion a day in some cases sends out a strong message that e-commerce is truly the way forward for traders in the Far East. Our infographic shows exactly just how powerful the Chinese e-commerce market continues to be.


Seller Dynamics
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