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It’s late in the afternoon and my flowers still haven’t arrived at Seller Dynamics HQ. I sent them to myself so they should turn up soon…I hope!

As the snow melts around our office, many hearts will be melting up and down the country as people surprise their loved ones with flowers, cards, and gifts purchased as a token of love. With loved up Brits expected to spend over £800 million on Valentine’s Day and $20 billion expected to be spent by our American cousins, retailers arguably love this day more than the star-crossed lovers who celebrate it!

With 20% of the UK purchasing their Valentine’s Day gifts online, our partner marketplaces Amazon, eBay, Play.com and Fnac have all prepared for the rush paypal romantics. Adding a bit of romantic flair to their logos and pushing special Valentine’s Day related products to the forefront of their online stores are just a few subtle tactics being used by marketers. With the special day landing on a Thursday, flower vendors have placed more impetus on their online operations in anticipation that many Romeos and Juliets will be buying online – just in case their ends with a desperate dash around petrol stations in a search for budget blooms.

Valentine's Day

It is worth noting that Tesco have teamed up with Interflora for this occasion to make sure that they will be able to fulfil their delivery promises. Both companies will be sure to profit from this joint online operation with Tesco being able to draw a large customer audience as the UKs biggest grocery chain and Interflora providing expertise in that particular product field.

While we ourselves haven’t updated a special are of our website to get into the mood, know that the Seller Dynamics team will always treat their clients with love no matter what day of the year it is. There may not be pink hearts on our user dashboard or roses on display at our demos but that’s always something we could work on for next year.

On a parting note, we would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day and if you do find yourself alone this year, don’t worry. The new Die Hard film has just been released!

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