Seller Dynamics this week has launched its own YouTube channel in a bid to further embrace the world of new media. As an e-commerce company, we frequently use our  blog to touch upon the subject of modern day business practices, and with that in mind, it is only right that we practice what we preach and use social media for our own purposes.

After creating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts- yes, this is an invitation to find us and follow us on these networks- we decided to explore the world of YouTube and see what uses we could make of the internet’s largest video library.

Everyone at Seller Dynamics is extremely proud of our software. It’s true. We love talking about its time saving solutions, automated services and general awesomeness. However, simply explaining how something works isn’t always the easiest way of communicating a message – especially if you’re talking about software! Not everyone is familiar with how this type of technology works, therefore through YouTube we can provide both a visual and audio description of what our software can do.

Currently there are six “How To” videos on our YouTube channel. Each provides a step-by-step guide documenting a specific feature of Seller Dynamics and how that feature can be used to optimise a client’s e-commerce operation.  The following “How To” videos can now be seen on our YouTube channel:

Our videos are loosely based on demos we offer to any interested party. This is when our very own A-Team (A for Account) arrange a webinar meeting and gives potential clients a one-on-one overview of Seller Dynamics, enabling them to ask questions and discuss how Seller Dynamics could be used to fit their specific needs.

Seller Dynamics videos are all we watch in our van

Seller Dynamics videos are all we watch in our van

While new or potential users of Seller Dynamics can benefit greatly from our YouTube channel, we also recommend that our current clients add us to their YouTube favourites so they can refer to a video whenever they need a quick reminder of how things work. We hope to add new videos to our channel in the near future so any comments and suggestions of what to add and improve will be most welcome.

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