No matter the size or reputation of a business, one thing that cannot be guaranteed is kitchen harmony. It’s a strange truth but in all honesty, how many of you have worked in an environment where kitchen politics can be a dangerous game? Milk levels are measured in millimetres, snacks are counted by the crumb, and unexpected changes to this fragile environment can see even the politest people throwing a kitchen tantrum that would make Gordon Ramsay look tame.

While I have observed these antics in work places of days gone by, it is somewhat pleasing that at Seller Dynamics there is a far more relaxed kitchen environment. It is a place of tranquility. Tea is brewed for others and snacks are shared by the group. Ultimately, it is down to our appreciation of these relaxing tea breaks that we came up with our “Taking The Biscuit” competition idea in the first place.

“Taking the Biscuit” involves Seller Dynamics supplying one lucky winner with a month’s supply of their favourite biscuits. While you might be thinking this has nothing to do with e-commerece, this idea has stemmed from the concept of Seller Dynamics being a time saver for those using the software- saving so much time that they can afford to enjoy a cheeky biscuit or two over a long tea break. It will also give us peace of mind after countless debates in the office over what biscuits are the best.

Lionel Rich Tea was dancing on the ceiling all night long when he heard he could win a month's supply of his favourite snack

Lionel Rich Tea was dancing on the ceiling all night long when he heard he could win a month’s supply of his favourite snack

The competition is open to anyone who is working in the e-commerce sector. This means whether you specialise in e-commerce or simply sell a product online, you are eligible to participate. Entrants only need to visit our website by clicking this hyperlink and write the name of their favourite biscuit and reason for their choice. We want your reasons to be funny, witty, original and creative and next week we’ll be posting our favourite answers on our Facebook page – so get your thinking caps on! Whether you’re a Ginger Nut or at one with your Bourbons, a month’s supply of your favourite snack could just be on your way so spread the word, get involved and cross your fingers and hope you’ll be our lucky winner?

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