It has always been a pleasure to see our clients finding success on new online marketplaces and in the case of TicTac Equestrian, we were delighted to see them get off to a racing start after opening their new Amazon store.

TicTac Equestrian

When it comes to choosing a solid business model in response to the turbulent economic climate, TicTac Equestrian has certainly backed the right horse. An equestrian e-retailer which brings the quality of an offline shopping experience onto the online marketplace, TicTac has avoided the strife that has plagued the UK high-street by operating solely through e-commerce.

Using Seller Dynamics’ intuitive software, founder Jenny Arnold has been able to manage their new Amazon store with ease as well as being able to monitor sales, pricing, inventory, and labelling – all from a single do-it-all dashboard. Listing on Amazon has already had an immediate positive impact on TicTac Equestrian, with sales increasing significantly. However, TicTac Equestrian’s move onto the world’s largest marketplace will also contribute to promoting the brand to a wider audience and to consumers out with the UK. The business will also profit from Amazon’s reputation with consumers, who demand reliable, fast, and efficient service. Quality delivery has always been the cornerstone of their business, so meeting Amazon’s customer service standards will be achieved without breaking sweat.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf will be interested in these deals

Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf wait patiently for e-commerce to reach Middle Earth

While the high street is struggling to cope with today’s economic hurdles, e-commerce is racing ahead at a canter, much to the benefit of TicTac Equestrian. The recent cold snap has resulted in a surge in the sale of riding gloves and horse blankets, and while their products may be offering customers some warmth, Jenny is keeping a cool business head as they continue to steer the business in a positive direction. With plans to possibly enter the European market on the horizon, Amazon’s integrated European marketplace is an ideal and low-risk way of testing the waters of foreign shores.

Seller Dynamics
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