In the latest move to increase its range of marketplace offerings, has announced plans to approach Scottish whisky distillers with the aim of selling their malts on the Amazon Grocery marketplace. Scotland Food & Drink is hosting an event on the 31st of January which will enable whisky bosses to meet directly with the Amazon Grocery team in order to discuss plans that could see premium whiskies and spirits being sold on the UK’s number one online marketplace.

Amazon’s decision to develop its spirits and whisky offers is one that will surely be looked upon with great interest in the whisky industry, although it has also raised a few eyebrows among the Seller Dynamics team after we very recently experienced for ourselves the impact of selling whisky on Amazon

We launched Ealain Gallery’s Amazon store at the end of November and since then we have been delighted to witness a huge surge in online sales as a result of this. After selling primarily to an audience of locals and tourists through their company website and store located on the banks of Loch Lomond, Ealain Gallery are now reaping the rewards of selling to an audience of millions of whisky enthusiasts around the globe.

However, selling on Amazon does not simply guarantee success. There is the chance that some high-end brands may feel that trading on Amazon dilutes the exclusivity of their product. There must be a strategic fit between the aims of a trader, the product they are selling, and the marketplace they are selling on, although an opportunity to sell a popular brand of malt whisky on a marketplace the size of cannot be ignored.

“ is looking for a broad range of whisky and spirits to strengthen their current range, but is particularly interested in meeting distillers who are able to offer high-end products including premium spirits and malt whisky.” – Amazon spokesperson

Whisky companies have until the 18th of January to register their interest to Scotland Food & Drink before attending the Buying Briefing on the 31st of January where Amazon will conduct one-on-one meetings with representatives from the whisky industry. We will continue to follow this story with great interest and I’m sure this will not be the last blog entry you will read about it.

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