I’m attempting to post this blog in advance of the world ending today but hopefully the Mayans will have scheduled their apocalypse to occur at a later time, enabling me to share a few thoughts with you now. For many of the Seller Dynamics team today this Friday marks the end of a long working year and the start of the much anticipated and well deserved Christmas holidays.

Last Christmas Seller Dynamics was simply a business idea. Today we are proud to say that it is a fully functional marketplace management software, used by several e-retailers and operating on the Amazon, eBay, Play.com and Fnac marketplaces. The continued growth of the global e-commerce industry can only be seen as a positive from the perspective of Seller Dynamics as increasingly more retailers look to list themselves on multiple marketplaces and open their doors to millions of potential customers. The following example of one of our own clients demonstrates just how effective selling online can be. Seller Dynamics Christmas

Before using Seller Dynamics, whisky specialist Ealain Gallery used the internet to sell their products solely from their own website. Since Seller Dynamics created a  Ealain Gallery listing on Amazon in November, our new clients have noted a significant increase in sales, with the only thing dampening their success being repeated trips to the local stationary shop for more packing tape! To summarise, this example is a prime demonstration of:

•Selling the right product on the right marketplace to an audience of millions
•The power of internet shopping; which is only growing stronger

As much as we’d love to do so, we cannot promise every prospective client that their sales will automatically increase by 6,400% within three weeks of using Seller Dynamics, but we can work with clients to help them firmly establish their presence in the world of e-commerce. Regardless of what product your company may sell, e-commerce gives you a platform to sell a greater volume of it. With 2013 just around the corner, we hope that the new year will provide us with new challenges, new opportunities, and plenty of success stories for a host of new Seller Dynamics clients.

On a closing note, Seller Dynamics would sincerely like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year. With only four days remaining until Christmas, hopefully you’ll have managed to complete your Christmas shopping by now. If that however is not the case, don’t worry yourself too much about it. I mean, it’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything…

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