The weekend is here at last and it’s been another busy week for Seller Dynamics. This week finally see’s the new Seller Dynamics logo make its debut on the world stage and we hope that it will be a logo which grows in prominence over the course of the forthcoming new year. Having the right logo and brand image is arguably as important as selling the right product. For example, few people can accurately distinguish the taste between Coca Cola and Pepsi yet would still be able to identify one brand as their preferred Cola drink. The reason? A powerful marketing strategy and a brand image that is renowned around the globe.

While we’re not implying that we are anywhere near as big and powerful as either of those brands, the new look Seller Dynamics logo has impressed everyone in the office and we hope that it soon becomes a recognised image in the e-commerce industry. The patterns forming the main image are shaped like shopping labels and represent boxed goods. With each label growing larger in a semi-clockwise direction, this is to represent the flow of stock from a user clicking to process an order to it arriving at their door. We feel this is consistent with our brand as Seller Dynamics is about helping online retailers to manage their stock, generate a greater volume of orders and dispatch goods as quickly as possible.

The colours used to create our new logo were selected due to their bright, eye-catching appeal when used together and when branding a product, it’s always important that you use a logo that will catch the eye and therefore stick in the mind. A consumer buys into a brand as much as they buy into a product, therefore it is vital that Seller Dynamics looks the part as well as works well for clients who use the software.  Keep an eye out for our new look website which will appear in the near future and please feel free to voice your opinions on the Seller Dynamics re-brand by leaving us a comment here or on our new Facebook page.

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Seller Dynamics
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