After the American population embarked in a flurry of online spending over last weekend’s Thanksgiving holiday, today is the UK’s turn to experience a mammoth day of internet shopping.  Dubbed “Mega Monday,” Monday December 3rd is expected to be the busiest UK online shopping day in history with online retailers expecting to generate a huge £465 million in revenue.

As a result of online retail giants such as Seller Dynamics’ partners Amazon and eBay offering one-off sales to attract shoppers, another e-commerce record will be again smashed as the industry continues to grow in Britain. With 115 million visits to retail websites expected on Mega Monday, this would mean there would be a staggering 36% increase in online consumers from the corresponding day last year.  The year-on-year increase in internet shopping in the UK suggests that e-commerce is fast becoming a cultural norm for British consumers and offers a faster and cheaper way to complete Christmas shopping. A higher proportion of the population living with broadband internet, improved internet speed, and the increase of smartphones and tablet devices being used by consumers are all important factors to why online shopping has become so popular with a UK audience and why days like Mega Monday have been born into existence.

However, one man’s loss is another man’s gain and while online retailers are preparing themselves for a December where £5bn will be spent online, high street spending has been suffering in the run-up to Christmas with sales to date down 0.2% on last year. With retail giants such as Comet and JJB Sports recently going into liquidation, online retailers are more likely to take a greater share of the Christmas market. Amazon – who have incidentally chosen Mega Monday to launch their new fashion store – have prepared for what could be the busiest day in the history of by hiring an additional 10,000 seasonal employees in order to cope with the surge in demand which will see UK online marketplaces operate on a scale that has never before been witnessed.

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