The final weekend in November is set to be another milestone for the global e-commerce market with worldwide annual online sales predicted to break the $1trillion mark as a result of the “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” shopping phenomenon.

Operating on multiple online marketplaces will present retailers with the ideal opportunity to grow their sales over this huge weekend of internet shopping and enable them to gain real momentum in the lead up to Christmas. However, these marketplaces must be monitored and managed correctly to ensure that online sellers can generate maximum sales value by quickly adapting to the ever-changing market conditions over the course of the long weekend and beyond.

Correct pricing is a critical factor particularly over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend; defined as it is by numerous promotional offers and huge savings. During this weekend, Seller Dynamics is looking to play a vital role in ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the market and top of the page as a result of our automated price margin management feature.

Seller Dynamics can be hugely beneficial to businesses that aim to offer their customers the best value prices, ensuring that the price of a product is automatically altered in relation to any changes to an extremely busy marketplace. As a result of setting a maximum and minimum margin range in relation to rivals selling the same products on the same markets, Seller Dynamics’ customers can be confident of always being price competitive and thus always being in front of buyers at all times, even across inventories of tens of thousands of product lines.

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Growing at a global rate of 20%, the Business-to-Consumer e-commerce market is a rich source of potential revenue for retailers that make the decision to sell online and although multiple marketplace listings do not guarantee success, a dynamic and well managed system will almost certainly make a significant difference to an organisation’s overall revenue.

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