The set up of Data Point Capital by VC Scott Savitz, and former inc, has generated a potential $50 million for the online market place community. The core business value is to invest in e-commerce niches, especially those which are at the early stage of development.

Scott Savitz has an impressive history, Inc are number 90 in the 2012 internet retailer top 50. The company was sold to Oracle in 2011 and now currently have online sales totaling $251,000,000 and a total growth of 14.10% in 2011.

The Data Point board has a vast amount of experience: Lars Albright the CEO of SessionM; and Diane Hessan, CEO of Communispace.

No doubt companies that could spark interest are those involved in the development of market management software, and it would be remiss of us if we didn’t point out that  Seller Dynamics operates in that space providing an edge to online retailers in promoting their products and selling faster!

Seller Dynamics
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