The success of Amazon’s Kindle has sparked the development  of the Kindle fire, a tablet and e-reader device which will allow for online streaming. Licensing agreements from Warner bros now means that Kindle fire owners will have access to popular TV shows,as well as movies, songs,magazines and books. Membership to Amazon Prime comes in at $79 per year and also gives customers free two day shipping on all purchases.

Retailing currently at $199.00, it is a great alternative for those who don’t want to empty their pockets for the any of the Apple iPads, and simply require a tablet for reading and streaming.

Ken Warner, president of Warner Bros tells us ““As more and more television content is enjoyed by fans across a myriad of subscription channels and platforms and on numerous devices from televisions to tablets, deals such as this give consumers the opportunity to discover, catch-up, or simply enjoy a favorite series again and again” (

The Kindle Fire falls short with memory space, with only 6.5gb free for storage. However, the Amazon prime service is a great platform to build upon and can be used on other devices such as Xbox, laptops etc.



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